Surveillance Window Application (SWAP) Los Alamos National Lab

  • Project:

    Usability evaluation of Surveillance Window Application (SWAP)

  • Client:

    Los Alamos National Lab

  • Role:

    Usability study and prototype

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The Surveillance Window Application (SWAP) is a web-based analytic that provides historical context during anunfolding disease outbreak. The SWAP contains a curatedlibrary of roughly 500 global outbreaks of 22 diseases.Taking in relevant disease factors such as pathogen strain,physician density, population at risk, and current casecount, the SWAP scores historical outbreaks so that apublic health analyst can see the outbreaks that are mostsimilar to the current situation.
Displayed results include each outbreak’s epidemic curve,contextual information and implemented controlmeasures, data sources, and more.
Usability evaluation and specific, actionable, and granularrecommendations for improvement with Public healthprofessionals and epidemiologists.